Covid-19 Impact on Oregano Oil Market – Detailed Analysis of Current Industry Figures with Forecasts Growth

Global oregano oil market has gained a huge momentum over the historical years on the back increasing demand for natural preservatives by food and beverages industry. Oregano oil is obtained from oregano herb leaves and has medicinal values with numerous health benefits. The chemical composition of oregano oil consists of Cavacrol which is responsible for biological activities of oregano and its utilization in various medicines.

With rise in awareness regarding health benefits of oregano oil is encouraging people to adopt and utilize the oil on regular basis mainly for food preparations. The rising trend of oregano essential oil is increasing consumption across Europe and North America and is the revenue booster of the global oregano essential oil market.

The major key participants and manufacturers are investing more and more in research and developments activities to spread out the functionality of oregano oil transversely. A variety of food products and the R&D activities is helping the manufacturers in introduction of newer blends with rising consumer preferences.

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Rising Demand for Natural Preservatives is bolstering the Growth of Oregano Oil

Food and Beverage industry has a rising demand for natural preservatives products. Due to increasing awareness about the healing properties of essential oils the aromatherapy and essential oil market is estimated to record a highest growth rate. There is a boosting demand for essential oil in global pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector as oregano essential oil is the most useful antiseptic oil in aromatherapy. Among all aromatic plants oregano leaves has the highest proportion of phenol –the constituent which is responsible for the antibacterial action. The pharmaceutical industry has witnessed the highest demand for oregano oil in last few years and is expected to witness a rise in demand during the forecast period.

Moreover, rising consumer demand for natural cosmetics products because of various health benefits is driving the global oregano oil based cosmetics products market. The scientifically proven results for oregano oil properties against various parasites, bacteria and viruses is the major factor for the growth of oregano oil market in cosmetic sector.

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Oregano Oil Market: Key Players

Key market prominent player’s manufacture and suppliers in Global Oregano Oil market are Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils, Prime Natural Essential Oils, Plant Therapy Essential Oils, Aura Cacia Essential Oils, Plant Guru Essential Oils, Kis Oils, Rocky Mountain Oils, Healing Solutions Essential Oils, Fabulous Frennie Essential Oils, AOS Products, CG Herbals etc.

Opportunities for Global Oregano Oil Market

Europe has leading market share in Global Oregano Oil Market and is predictable to maintain its control during the forecast period and North America holds second largest share in terms of revenue. The demand of oregano oil is increasing due to rising use in food industry in the region. The Asia Pacific market is anticipated to observe a significant growth due to increasing use of oregano oil in medicines and aromatherapy in the region.

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