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“Facebook” Ready To Enter In Dating Market, Announced “Facebook Dating”!!! But The Success Is Already Surrounded By Doubts.



Facebook is known to expand its horizons by venturing into the most trending online applications and operations. Good or bad, successful or failed, Facebook has always come up with updated features and has again prepared itself to do the same. Facebook is also under the radar of the federal bodies for its reportedly illegal indulgence in the multiple sectors despite being licensed for few. But that hasn’t stopped Facebook from experimenting. Facebook is all set to enter the field of dating, and its new feature will be called “Facebook Dating.” While many are happy about the announcement of Facebook Dating, some are also skeptic about Facebook Dating’s performance in the future.


Facebook is one of the biggest brands in today’s time. Not just the online network system market, but overall as well, it is in the list of the biggest business’ that are existing currently and have existed in the past. This gives it an advantage of not being obliged to promote the Facebook Dating feature in abundance. But there are problems with the launch as well. The main problem is that apart from its social messaging feature, all the new features launched by Facebook have done miserably well even though a lot of investments were made on them.


Facebook Dating is definitely going to change the dynamics of the Online Dating Industry. But, apart from the big doubts on the performance of the feature, there are also doubts about the privacy that has to be guaranteed with such a feature. If Facebook is able to balance all these issues and resolves them with a quick and effective plan, it can touch great heights with its new Facebook Dating feature. Users are excited about the launch and are also ready to give it a go.

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