Stokes in Asia hit by the uncertainty over USA-China trade

On Wednesday, the stocks traded lower across Asia owing to the uncertainty over the USA- China negotiation. The highly anticipated negotiation work will commence from the end of this week.

Mainland China is the worst affected country due to this development. Shanghai composite is down by 0.14% while the Shenzhen composite slipped by 0.35%.

In Japan, Nikkei 225 lost 0.64% while the Topix index reduced by 0.42%. The effect can be seen in Australia too. S&P/ASX 200 shed 0.7% due to the low trade in many sectors. As the South Korea market has closed on Wednesday, no data have received.

American tech giant Apple has got a major hit in the Asian market. The shares of multiple Apple suppliers declined on Wednesday. China’s media outlets criticized Apple for allowing the application used by Honk Kong protestors in the App Store.

The shares of Sharp decreased by 2.63% in Japan. The stocks of Pegatron, a contract manufacturer of Apple, has fallen by 1.27%.

Foxconn, known for the assembly of the iPhone, lost a share of 0.81%.

Apple’s AirPods assemblers also got a major declination in shares. Luxshare company recorded a fall of 5.08% while GoerTek recorded a 4.09% loss in shares.

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