Retail Sales in the US saw downward trend in September

In the month of September, you can see that American shoppers had pulled back on shopping. This shows that it is like key support for the economy of US for this year and it may lead to softening on risk of global economic slowdown.

All the retail sales saw that there is a measure of purchase of stores and it is done in the restaurants as well. The adjusted value that is done for the last month stands at 0.3 percent. This was said by the Commerce Department on Wednesday.

As per the report that was published on Wednesday,  it shows how a consumer now spending less on solid footing which in terms of concerns about the trade tensions. In US, all consumer spending is said to be the main driver of the US economy and it accounts for nearly more than two-thirds of the economic output.

Lindsey Piegza, who is the Stifel chief economist, said that the report that was published this morning shows how the eternal optimists now trying to face the possibility of household spending. It may get moderate by nearly getting decline in the fundamentals as well. So, with all these things taking place, it leads to a downward trend for the last month.

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