Huawei in talks with several USA firms on 5G technology

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei is in talks with several USA-based companies about the licensing of 5G network. The recent report by Huawei revealed that the talk is in its early stage, and company expects a deal in the coming days.

Company’s senior vice present, Vincent Pang, revealed that some of the Washington-based telecom companies are expressing interest in a long-term deal. He denied naming those companies on public platforms.

The United States administration already blacklisted the company for spying on customers, while the company denied the claim.

Huawei is a key player in the 5G telecom market and spent billions of dollars on 5G technology since 2009. Currently, the United States has no 5G network providers and the services from European providers like Nokia and Ericsson are quite expensive.

Huawei is the world’s largest telecom-equipment firm and currently under the USA sanction. As a result, the company cannot buy American-made parts. The company is also facing multiple criminal charges, such as theft of trade secrets, violation of Iran sanction, and bank fraud by the USA government.

Vincent Pang warns that single-transfer will be costly owing to the increased cost of research and development.

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