Colorado to drop T-Mobile Sprint lawsuit as Dish agree to house HQ in state

With all happenings around the merger of T-Mobile Sprint drama, now it seems that Colorado will be exiting a lawsuit. The lawsuit that is filed in court is to challenge the deal in which Dish Network agreed to have its headquarter in the state.

On Monday, it was seen that the Colorado Attorney General’s office will be announcing its decision.  All these things are happening after Dish Network has given a statement that states will now be one of the first in the whole nation to have 5G services.  Moreover, it too will become the home of the wireless headquarter as well and it will help in creating nearly 1000 jobs for locals.

During the month of July, it has been seen that DOJ had given one approval about the T-mobile Sprint merger and how it can piece it together with a new wireless competitor.  All these things are happening by the allocation of the Sprint’s spectrum with the Dish network.

It is being said that, Dish is now being positioned in such a way that it will soon be becoming the third-largest wireless competitor. All these will be happening after the negotiations will be done with the Justice Department to get an approval of the merger.

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