Roku nearly spent $150 million so that it can sell more ads

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Earlier, Roku is well-known for making of Tv Streaming boxes and dongles. But as time passes, it is now no more that company rather now it had turned itself to a powerful advertising company also.

As per an announcement from Roku, it said in a statement that, the company is now planning to double the down.  Now as it has acquired the Boston based ad-tech firm Dataxu for nearly $150 million in cash and stocks. So, it is now looking forward to playing an important role in that field.

With this deal, it now allows the company to go for the marketers along with the software to plan and then to buy and manage the ad too across TV and OTT providers.

In a report, it had been said that OTT nearly accounts for 29 percent of TV viewing.  Advertisers spend nearly $70 billion on traditional TV ads and it will surely help Roku to have more than 30.5 million active accounts as well.

Earlier, Roku had already faced criticism for allowing Roku TV to eavesdrop on the show and for selling the user data to advertisers too.  It is now expected that the Dataxu deal to get closed by in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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