Ford to unveil its all-new Mustang-inspired SUV next month

After a gap of 14 months, Ford finally provided its very first peek at the Mustang-inspired electric crossover car.

On Thursday, the company said that the electric car will make a debut on 17th November ahead of the LA Auto Show.

This shows how an electric SUV will be looking like and the company is eager to bring it to the market by 2020.  But for now, the company keeps on teasing about it on many occasions. In a website, which is launched recently, it shows about all the details that Ford is said to be targeting and how EPA-estimated with a range of nearly 300 miles.

But to get some best details about the looks, specs and price one needs to wait till it makes a debut on 17th November.

All know that with this all, the future of Ford is said to be tied with all success to the shift of electrification.  With its new Mustang-inspired SUV model, it is like the cornerstone of the strategy and will also be considered to be the critical piece as well.

In September, it shows that Ford had unveiled a series of the car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in which it has shown some hybrid vehicles as well.


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