American dream mall worth $5 billion may search for visitors

The biggest and expensive mall ever in now thrown open for the visitors on Friday.   Thousands of visitors take their first step inside the American Dream mall.

This dream mall of America is located by MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford. Earlier in that place, an ugly building was there and it is called the ugliest damm building in New Jersey and of America too. But after the construction of this building started which is said to be one of the most ambitious plans of America ever. The construction is said to be done for several years and also in that process, it too comes with many roadblocks. Starting from funding issues to lawsuits all had been a major headache during the construction process.

After nearly many years of construction, now the ambitious plan of getting a building of this stature comes to reality.

After it got open, nearly 2,500 people visited the mall on Friday.  As the people waited for long lines, it is said that many people waited for a long time in line to have some fun in the entertainment section.

The indoor water park will open on 27th November and the rest of the shopping malls in March 2020.

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