Brooklyn Wegmans opens and thousands visit it on its opening day

On Sunday, New York City residents in Brooklyn said that Staten island is not slated for the Wegmans.  This supermarket has opened the doors to thousands of New Work city locals.

This was said that, as per a report, it said that thousands of residents soon lined up to get in the front of the store’s new location which is located at 21 Flushing Ave.  all this happened during the early morning hours which is 4 AM.

This market is one of the largest supermarkets that New York City is going to see. It was spread across 74,000 square feet.  All the customers who all visit here saw that it will provide them with more than 60,000 products to buy. It too includes the counter where you can take home meals and other 350 varieties of cheese as well.

As per Valera Fox, she said that the company always keeps on looking for new opportunities. But right now no one comments on these things in a good way and all this doesn’t happen till a lease or purchase agreement is signed.  This statement came when asked Staten Island will get the supermarket or not.

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