AT&T got settled with Elliot Management with a deal

In the recent development, it said that AT&T had cut a deal with Elliot management. All these things will be done in the hedge fund, which is being placed in the middle of September, and it had challenged the leader of AT&T.

But after nearly a month, Elliott and AT&T had now reached an agreement, as per Mr. Stephenson, who is the chief executive and chairman of the company, said that it would remain in charge at least till 2020. But when he retires, then the role of the chairman as well as chief executive will get split. In addition to that all, two directors will also depart in the next 18 months to make new blood.

Apart from these all, in another statement from AT&T, it too had announced a set of financial targets which is now aimed at lifting all the revenue as well as the profit of each year for the next three years.  The company, too, will review all the sprawling sets of businesses, and you can see that it can be get sold or even can be split off into a partnership with the other companies.

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