Oil market not in good shape for economic uncertainty

Federal Reserve has cut the interest rate for the third time in a row, so it shows how is the economic slowdown is affecting. With this cutting for the third time in a row, it is said that now the central bank was forced for a monetary easing after the global economy.

It, too, shows the slowing down of the economy and how it is being affected by the US-China trade war. But with the browbeating from President Trump, the chairman of Fed Jerome Powell indicated that this is the latest cut of 25 basis points.

With all these are going on, it is being said that this result got the mixed bag for both the stocks and for crude oil too.  This kind of cut is said to be now expected for less time, and if there was a little suspense over it, then it shows how critical it can be in the future.

This kind of reduction in rate comes when the data shows that the economy is being mixed and getting slowly better as well. All the GDP growth of the US is said to be slowed in the third quarter, and it goes to 1.9 percent down from 2.9 percent.

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