US companies licenses to sell to Huawei expected shortly, Commerce Secretary says

All the American companies, who all have thought that Huawei, as a customer, will soon get a permanent reprieve from US restrictions on selling to the Chinese giant.

As per Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, it was said in a statement on Sunday that this license will be allowing the US companies to sell the things to Huawei. It will soon be announced in a short time.

Currently, the office has got nearly 260 requests for licenses.

Ross said by adding that Huawei has become a pawn in this ongoing US-China trade war. Huawei is the world’s largest telecommunications company and also the second-largest smartphone maker. The company is said to be the key to many US companies, and it too purchased nearly $11 billion in American products.

But in May, the US commerce department added Huawei to the Entity List by saying about national security concerns. After that, it hurt the sales of the company, which includes chip manufactures Micron and Intel.

Apart from all many American companies too, they said that all this might lead to the development of similar products from Chinese companies, and it will inevitably threaten American technological dominance.

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