Apple’s $2.5 Billion housing crisis got criticizes by Bernie Sanders

On Monday, Apple had announced to give nearly $2.5 billion to combat the housing crisis in California. After that announcement from the company, the democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders criticized the company’s offers.

In a statement from the senator, he said that Apple’s offer of $2.5 billion for the housing crisis is nothing but an act of hypocrisy. He, too, accuses Apple of throwing all pennies at the housing crisis, which is intended to create.

Apart from these all, it, too, has seen that Sanders pointed out to the company by saying that Apple is currently the tech industry tax evader. It is building an image so that it can enter the housing business and can show it as an act of philanthropic altruism.

The announcement that the company has made is said to be coming for all after $800 million of taxpayer subsidies, and it too keeps the quarter near to trillion dollars of profit offshore. All these things are done to avoid the paying of taxes in billions of dollars in taxes.

With all these statements, Sander has not pointed his finger for the first time. He, too, charged Apple in 2016 for the payment of taxes.

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