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Google ostensibly prepares first Smartphone Chip for Pixel phones

Qualcomm’s chips set are the ones mostly fine across the years; it’s time to wonder what a tiny competition can do to the Android business. According to a recent report, it can be found that Google is planning for its own Smartphone processor that will appear maybe in the next year.

Google has already created its chipset which is a Pixel visual core. However, here we are discussing the main processor in a phone, one that has the ability to replace Snapdragon powering all the initial phones of Pixel.

As per the reports, the chip being label as ‘Whitechapel’  built on a 5nm operation with an 8core ARM processor designing under the partnership with Samsung. The tailor-made chip contains a massive focus being better for device-learning and Google Assistant.

Google has allegedly been functioning on the given versions of the chip in the following weeks. However, it is advisable for users not to expect it in Pixel 5 following the current year; as the launch by Google set to 2021.

This move will also help Google well clash with Apple that designs its own chips. It will also be a strong bash to Qualcomm that provides processors for most of the current expensive phones, including the Pixel.

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