Apple to unveil all-new budge iPhone for users

Apple is always known to be a high budget smartphone for users. But to bring a change and to make it affordable for all users, Apple now brings an all-new iPhone with a low price tag. Apple announced on Wednesday in a Virtual presentation.

The new Apple iPhone SE is the latest model to join the iPhone line-up. The screen size of the  SE is 4.7 inches, which is much smaller than other iPhone models.  The phone will be coming to the market with the  Touch ID, display choice, and other features as well. You will not get any facial recognition or high pixel density feature in the SE.

When you are going for the SE, you will be happy to know that it comes with a useful camera feature. It has got a great camera and an image stabilization mode.  It goes for fast auto focus in low light as well with other elements in it.

In a tweet from Apple CEO Tim Cook, he shares the image by saying, meet the best single-camera system in your iPhone.  The battery capacity will be the same as iPhone 8, and the phone will be available at  $399 in the US.

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