Intelsat will be advertising the satellite facilities on the Eutelsat Quantum satellite. 

Intelsat and Eutelsat have reached an agreement in which Intelsat will be selling Eutelsat satellite services to federal government customers. Eutelsat revealed this on 30th July.

These two satellite operator firms collaborate to utilize the orbital slot that they have 50-50 ownership above the Middle East and Northern Africa. This slot is 48 degrees east in terms of the longitudinal arrangement.

Eutelsat’s Quantum satellite is more reliable than the initial satellites so that it is redesigned to a different size, shape, and power without affecting its functionality. Airbus Defence and Space is working on a satellite which it will deploy before the end of this year via the Ariane 5 rocket.

Eutelsat explains that Intelsat’s sales wing, called Intelsat General, will audit the marketability of the Eutelsat Quantum. This move will help the firm identify areas where they can modify the satellite through security advancements and payload adjustments.

The vice president of Intelsat General, Rick Henry, assured via a press release that this partnership will benefit the two firms. Nonetheless, the two partners anticipate this project to be a going concern so that the two can help adequately.

Eutelsat articulates that its Paris facility will supply the necessary resources for the Eutelsat Quantum development, thereby enhancing the supersonic completion of this satellite. Eutelsat’s spokesperson Joanna Darlington explained that the two satellite operators would provide the resources for this project and market it as well.

Eutelsat Quantum is the first in line for redesignable satellites. The challenge in its development has been the technical manufacturing delays. Nonetheless, production is still ongoing to develop a fully operational and reconfigurable satellite. The competitors in this line of production are SES and ViaSat, who are preparing to launch their kind of satellites with this design next year. Another competitor, Inmarsat, will also deploy such alike satellite in the coming three years.

Eutelsat began developing Eutelsat Quantum five years ago as an intersectoral partnership receiving support from the ESA’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems project. Airbus then went ahead to create the satellite through the Surrey Satellite Technology Limited framework in the United Kingdom.

The satellite comprises a movable multi-beam antenna Airbus constructed in Spain via the Spanish Center for Industrial Technological Development. The satellite is capable of producing eight beams for communication linkage.

Additionally, the satellite can filter interfering signals by routing their source. The moon’s antenna is a modification of the previous Hispasat 36-W1 satellite and other European satellites so that it works like a telescopic signal detector.

In conclusion, the ESA reveals that they have finalized radiofrequency trials in France while testing the payload’s programmability on this satellite. The payloads are now ready for the launch.

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