The strategy that will enhance the transition and access to electric vehicles 

The car customers and environmental agencies are collaborating with EV producers to champion the policies that will enable Californian residents to transition from ICE cars to the eco-friendly electric vehicles. The strategies to achieve this concept include inventive, standard, and short-term renewable memberships.

Various legislators, including Al Muratsuchi of the Assembly and Sen. Ben Allen, a Democrat from Santa Monica, are fighting for the Electric Vehicle Memberships bill that allows EV manufacturers to sell the cars to consumers short-term membership to become a law.

Some of the details that customers will enjoy from this bill include registration, charging, and insurance services, and inexpensive substitutions for purchasing like leasing or hiring an electric vehicle for short-term financial deals.

The policy will also shove off the monopolization of the new vehicle sales programs so that California residents enjoy variable purchases that are economical. Nonetheless, Tesla is an exception to this regulation. The policy will additionally ensure that these membership contracts do not deal unscrupulously with consumers since they will be under supervision. Legislators submit that this policy will help protect the over 200000 jobs that have resulted from the electric vehicle industry.

The bill will facilitate the purchase of electric vehicles by Californian customers who cannot buy cars without taking high-rate loans. Another similar situation is this coronavirus pandemic season, where customers are skeptical of making loans, especially with the high rate of joblessness and business shutdowns. Therefore, the affordability of the Evs will remove the price barrier for suspicious customers.

Since Americans bear the burden of the $1.2 trillion debt, this bill (AB 326) creates opportunities for low-income earners and low-class Americans to abstain from buying cars. The law is advantageous, considering that taking loans is usually risky for the sidelined group as they can lose the little assets they own.

Market research done by Volvo Car and Harris Poll reveals that consumers are skeptical about purchasing electric vehicles due to the high initial costs. The AB 326 bill removes this impediment by allowing consumers to pay at a periodical rate without loans or mortgages.

Additionally, the bill will take care of the mileage range of fear. Consumers worry that the Evs might not fit into their lifestyle due to the range problem. According to the bill, the solution to this problem articulates that consumers will have an extended test drive experience from which they can make an informed choice. The study by Volvo and Harris firms observed that consumers cast down their fears over range shortly after testing the Evs.

To sum up, the transport industry stakeholders are championing this bill to enjoy the benefits therein. Nevertheless, car dealers who usually enjoy the monopolistic proceeds associated with new vehicles are against this bill for fear of losing their hold. However, the law will help California residents enjoy clean air.

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