Space Force Caucus receives political support from the Senate

A few United States senators formed a bipartisan group known as the Space Force Caucus, which plans to help a recently inducted military base address Capitol Hill’s issues. The Space Force Caucus appointed two chairpersons, Senator Cory Scott Gardner, the representative for Colorado, and Senator Kevin John Cramer, the former representative for North Dakota. The elected vice-chairpersons for the group are senator Kyrsten Lea Sinema, representative of Arizona, and Senator Martin Trevor Heinrich, representative of New Mexico.

On September 9, Kevin Cramer identified the Space Force’s need to receive Capitol Hill’s advocacy. Cramer said that the group needs congressional oversight, endorsement, and funding to develop and conduct its mission. The Space Force Caucus seeks to provide a platform to foster bipartisan legislative proposals and continually support the new American military branch. Cramer said that Space Force intends to bring onboard other senators who received the group’s formal invitations.

The Space Force Caucus formed on September 9 during a virtual conference with General John Raymond and Lieutenant General B. Chance Saltzman, the deputy director of Space Operations for Cyber and Nuclear. Other Caucus group members present during the video conference included Cramer, Gardner, and Sinema and Senator John Henry Hoeven, the current North Dakota representative, and Senator John Boozman, representative of Arkansas.

A credible media report documented how senators complimented General Raymond for providing comprehensive updates about the Space Force’s plans to the executives and staff members. The Space Force Association (SFA), a nonprofit advocacy group, continues to spearhead efforts to develop the Senate caucus group, an initiative started back in March.

Lang Eric Sundby, the SFA advocate and government liaison said that funding is Space Force’s major challenge among many inhibiting factors. Eric thinks that the group presents the legislature’s best opportunity to become more knowledgeable about state security realities. Confidential but credible sources told SpaceNews that Space Force Caucus plans to intensify its influence by growing in size.

Currently, the main concern is the group’s fate if Scott Gardner loses the senate office in the upcoming November elections. Gardner is a devoted member of the Space Force fighting to maintain the U.S. Space Command in Colorado as the Air Force continues to review other locations. Depending on the results of the much anticipated November presidential and congressional elections, the caucus seeks to retaliate against Space Force detractors.

To conclude, reports from credible sources in Washington stated that a firm bipartisan group needs to prevent future administrations from taking the Space Force back to the Air Force. The group seeks to make long-term acquisition and simplify scheduled space strategies between the administration and the state congresses. 

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