A YouTuber Gets A Snake To Walk Thanks To Robotic Legs

Engineer Allen Pan posted a video on his YouTube channel explaining how he had developed robotic legs to prevent snakes from crawling on the ground. Bees, cheetahs, seals and dogs: this will be the robotic animals of the future.

One of the main characteristics of snakes is that they do not have legs and, therefore, they do not walk, but instead move along the ground by crawling. Some scientists suggest that the evolution of these animals caused them to lose their legs more than 100 million years ago. However, youtuber and engineer Allen Pan wanted to change the nature of these reptiles and create robotic legs for a snake.

Pan published a video on his YouTube channel in which he explained how the process had been to develop a structure that would allow the animal to walk. “I feel bad for the snakes,” he jokes in the video to justify creating the robotic legs. “They lost their legs and no one is looking for them.”

In order to make his device suitable for snakes, Pan designed his robot with a transparent tube in which one of these animals could easily slide inside.

In addition to the tube, the artifact has 4 robotic legs that have 3 joints and 2 servos. All of them can be controlled remotely through a computer .

To test his invention, the youtuber visited a snake breeder. There, Pan was able to introduce one of these reptiles into the tube and see if it worked as he had expected or not.

Initially, the results were not favorable. However, after several unsuccessful attempts, the snake began to voluntarily slide down the tube and the legs began to ‘walk’ as programmed.

The YouTube video was uploaded 3 days ago and has more than 2,600,000 views at the time of writing this article. However, it is not the only site that has gone viral. Allen Pan also uploaded a snippet to Twitter that already has more than 16,000,000 views.

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