The Canal Reservoirs In Madrid Are At 61% Of Their Capacity

The reservoirs managed by Canal de Isabel II to supply the Community of Madrid currently store 579,565 cubic hectometres, 61% of their maximum capacity, which is 11.2 points less than a year ago and clearly below the historical series .

The Madrid swamps have been losing water since May, the month they finished at almost 74% of their capacity. On July 1 they were at 69% while they started August at 64%. It is a situation that is repeated aggravated in the rest of Spain, where the reservoirs are at an average of 37.9% of their capacity.

Currently, at the head of water storage in Madrid is the El Atazar reservoir, with 258,641 cubic hectometres; followed by Valmayor (101,757 hm3) and Santillana (53,623 hm3) with slight decreases compared to the previous week.

The ones that collect less water are those of Navalmedio, which is at 40% of its capacity and 0.283 hm3, and that of La Jarosa, which is at 47% and 3,404 cubic hectometres.

This summer there has been hardly any rainfall in the dams. Specifically, in July 5.8 liters per square meter were registered compared to the 12.7 average that marks the historical series. This explains why, during the last month, the contributions collected in the reservoirs have also been below average. Specifically, the region’s reserves have received 6.4 cubic hectometres of water.

With these data, and although the hydrological situation in the region is normal, Canal de Isabel II has requested the collaboration of all citizens so that they continue to use water responsibly and efficiently.

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