Lack Of Graduates Prevented 7000 Computer Engineering Positions

The lack of graduates prevented 7,000 computer engineering positions from being filled in 2021.

Some 7,000 positions for computer engineers were left unfilled in 2021 due to a lack of these professionals. Although in sectors related to information technology the unemployment rate barely reaches 3%, companies and institutions annually find, with extreme difficulty, between 35,000 and 40,000 experts to fill these technical positions.

It is one of the conclusions of the IV study of ‘Employability and Digital Talent 2021’, which warns of the shortage of specialized talent. In fact, there were only 8,147 computer science graduates for more than 14,000 companies with hiring processes in these specialties.

“Spain should create 1.3 million ICT specialists by 2030, when at current rates we would not reach 400,000”, recently assured the director of the VASS Foundation and responsible for this study, Antonio Rueda.

In addition, computer engineering careers in Spain only have 16% of female students, despite the fact that they achieve better performance. Specifically, only one in six ICT specialists and one in three graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are women.

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