Junts Leaves The ‘Govern’ In The Minority

Junts has dynamited the Catalan legislature this Friday with the formalization with immediate effects of the breakup of the coalition government with ERC in the Generalitat , now leaving the Republicans in the minority and with the Catalan Budgets for 2023 in the air, since it was preparing them the director of Junts Jaume Giró.

In this context, Pere Aragonès will have to govern with only 33 seats out of the 135 that the Parliament has , and the only way to start the year with Autonomous Budgets would be to accept the preparations made so far by Giró and seek support from En Comú Podem and the PSC.

The general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, affirmed this Friday that, despite his departure from the Catalan government, they will not ignore “what worries people”, but he also asserted that at the moment they do not define the Catalan Accounts because they do not they know what they will be like in the end.

Although Junts had given continuity to the coalition with ERC, Podemos was a necessary support to carry out the Budgets in the Parliament , and in fact, with Junts outside the Ministry of Economy, the understanding may be easier with ERC, although not It will be good news for the pockets of the Catalans, because the only one of these formations in favor of reducing the fiscal pressure in Catalonia was Junts.

In his last days as head of Economy, Giró had defended this week lowering the minimum exempt from income tax, deflating the regional portion of personal income tax and raising the minimum exempt from Wealth tax from 500,000 to 700,000 euros . On this last point, he claimed that this strip was not about large estates and that it would serve to equate itself with other autonomies and not lose competitiveness for tax reasons.

Division and reproaches
The party led by Laura Borràs and Jordi Turull left the decision to continue or leave the regional Executive in the hands of the militancy, and the option of leaving it won with 55.73% of the votes, while 42.39% supported continuing , in a consultation with a record turnout of 79.18% of the 6,465 militants with the right to vote, which also reflects the internal division of the party, although its leaders affirmed that “everyone” in the party assumes the result.

The president of Junts, Laura Borràs, stated at a press conference that they will become a “firm and responsible” opposition, while questioning the “democratic legitimacy” of a solo ERC government: ” Pere Aragonès only has 33 of the 74 seats that gave him support at the beginning of the legislature “. So, she had the support of Junts and the CUP for his investiture.

Offer to reissue the tripartite
The breakup of the Executive of ERC and Junts in the Generalitat opens a necessary but complicated game of alliances in the face of the Republicans’ refusal to call early regional elections when not even half a term has been completed.

And it is that the celebration of the municipal ones within eight months makes alternative stable agreements unfeasible, despite the offer of En Comú Podem to reissue the tripartite with ERC and PSC.

Aragonès plans to complete the legislature
The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, responded to the departure of Junts from the Catalan Executive by speaking of a “new stage” with a restructured government “with maximum speed” and at the service of the citizenry, which “is up to the task” to respond to the economic and social challenges that lie ahead and with the will to complete the legislature, which has not yet reached its halfway point.

There could be advisers beyond ERC, since Aragonès spoke of his desire to weave “alliances to move the country forward” and to have people who support the right of the Catalans to decide their political future.

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